User Jinx!Scripts

Here I will publish various user designed effects that are implemented in Jinx!Script. Thanks for all Users who share their work with us.

Please look inside the scripts for more information about the effects and the configure options.


  • Trees (Downloads: 11865)

    Growing Trees by Silas Zimmermann

  • Ants (Downloads: 4188)

    A nice "Ants" simulator by Silas Zimmermann.

  • Game of Life (Downloads: 3308)

    Conways Game of Life by Silas Zimmermann
    Be careful with a huge matrix size its very cpu intensive !

  • Sliding Dots (Downloads: 3865)

    Another effect by Bob Kojima

  • Ribbons (Downloads: 3073)

    Another effect by Bob Kojima
    Play with count and distance to fit your matrix size !

  • Plaid (Downloads: 2712)

    Another effect by Bob Kojima
    You have to activate Autocolor !

  • Life Particles (Downloads: 2880)

    Another effect by Bob Kojima
    Use lower count and radius values on smaller matrices !

  • Dot Scale (Downloads: 2698)

    Another effect by Bob Kojima
    You have to activate Autocolor !

  • Swirl 2 (Downloads: 3080)

    Another swirl effect by Bob Kojima
    Attention, a high dot_count value can produce a high cpu load !

  • Snow (Downloads: 3665)

    colorful snow/rain effect by Bob Kojima
    Attention, a high ball_count value can produce a high cpu load !

  • Rainbow Squiggle (Downloads: 3426)

    A rainbow colored Snake by Bob Kojima

  • Line Bounce (Downloads: 2986)

    Color Sine Line effect by Bob Kojima

  • Evaperation (Downloads: 3045)

    Another effect by Bob Kojima

  • Particles (Downloads: 2951)

    Another Particle System by Bob Kojima

  • Dots & Rings (Downloads: 2998)

    Animated Dots by Bob Kojima

  • Circle Spawn (Downloads: 2768)

    Nice particle spawn by Bob Kojima

  • Circle Size (Downloads: 2765)

    Animated Circles by Bob Kojima

  • Candy Canes V3 (Downloads: 2996)

    Display red, green and white lines by Peter Weaver.

  • Snow Flakes (Downloads: 10357)

    Cool Christmas Snow Flakes by Peter Weaver.

  • Bouncing Squares (Downloads: 2952)

    Bouncing Squares effect by Bob Kojima

  • Swirl (Downloads: 3970)

    Nice Swirl effect by Bob Kojima


Comments ( 53 )

  1. Emanuel

    Hello,I'm Emanuel,i'm from argentina. I want to control a pixel led matrix whit jinx! software. Could you give any electronic circuit? I'm sorry for my english. Thanks.

    • admin

      There are a lot of controller that support one of the protocols Jinx! can use. Artnet and sACN for example are well known standards. Simply try a google search for it.

  2. Jed

    Hello I would recommend buying a Teensy board with an OCTO PCB which helps with the interface. These are available from They are not much money. I control 1024 WS2811 in real time effortleesly with a couple of lines of code. A teensy is a faster Arduino, but code compatible. Cheers Jed

    • DJCali

      I have the Teensy and OCTO but using ws2812B LEDs. I'm getting a lot of flicker... Can you share your code? and settings in Jinx!. Thanks

  3. Rick

    Would you consider adding live pixel edit screen to jinx! Since you can already specify the exact matrix layout it would be handy if the user could select a pixel edit page and be presented with the active pixel matrix to match their LED matrix panel where they could select any color from a color pallet and click / draw on the matrix panel layout in jinx! and in real-time have everything show up on their LED panel. This could be used to make single images and even better animated gifs. Some editing tools would be required of course and the ability to draw circles, rectangles and other graphic entities but it seems to me that the basis to add an editor is already in jinx!, just sayin. Thanks Rick

  4. Peter Weaver

    Here is a video I did showing how the Candy Canes and Snow Flakes scripts work together.

  5. Teo

    Any help - how to set up Jinx to work over YM LM501 China controller with WS2811 strip?

    • admin

      It should work via Artnet.

      • Teo

        YM LM501 need to work over Artnet? But it does not, few of us lost few hours - ArtNet see controller and driver defined in controller, follow instructions, but it can not be connected to controller? Madrix work normal on same comp.

        • admin

          Its hard to give you a hint, because I dont know this controller. Some Artnet implementations are really strange out there. Do you have more information about the setup. Maybe you will better contact me via mail. One idea, have you tried to turn off the "Send Artnet Sequence Numbers" option inside the jinx artnet driver ? Some controllers dont work very well when receiving sequence numbers.

          • Bratmat

            Hi I have YM LM501 and I made some test with your Jinx! lovely software but as Teo said not a chance to play with pixels on this controller over ART-NET. There is no reaction of pixels. But the controller is recognized by a scan function.

          • admin

            I tried to contact the chinese manufacturer, but I still got no anwser. I traced back the complete communication and it is definitly the same udp stream jinx sents out than madrix, its still myteria why this controller dont work. Im still trying to get some info from the manufacturer, because I dont have such a controller to track it back by myself.

  6. duds

    Dear friends, I am new to the use of LEDs as the first project I'm building a table with 400 LEDs and am using ws2812b with T1000s controller and software (lededit 2014), and I would love to use the jinx, but the controller uses a file with the extension (.LED). There is a way to use the T1000s with the jinx? I thank right now, and apologize for my English, I'm from Brazil

    • admin

      I dont know the T1000s controller. If the controller is able to understand Artnet or sACN protocol it should be possible. The native protcol Lededit uses with some controllers is not known, so I cant support this directly.

    • bratmat

      Maybe I can help you with YM-501 ? . We using it in our Disco club.So I can do some test. Waiting for your ideas

    • ICEMAX

      duds hi .. you use the feature "screen capture function" from lededit menu to capture jinx windows and .. ;)


      Dear, I bought the LM-501 controller before reading your FAQ :) And it's also a pitty for me, because it doesn't work... Have you succeded working JINX with this controller ?? Your software is marvellous :) Thanks a lot Oliver

  7. unimatrix

    Hi, is it possible to control Strips of LEDs with this software? it seems there is a minimum of 4 rows, but a LED strip is 1-dimensional and can easily have above 320 pixels.

  8. Alexis

    Hello Is there any way to control with Jinx a 3-dimensional matrix (x , y, z)? If it is impossible right now .... you're going to implement in the future? It would be great for matrix like this

    • admin

      There are no plans to get Jinx into a third dimension. This is something completely different and not simply implemented into a 2 dimension oriented program. At this time, there is a lot of more to do for 2 dimensional matrices where I am focusd on.

  9. Dzusmin

    Hi. I'm trying to create a app for Android to control LEDMatrix by bluetooth. Do you know any open-source protocol, like Glediator, which i could use for this?

  10. zandiz

    Hello, first of all really nice program!! :-) I have a question / problem and maybe it's easy but I didn't find it in the program.. I have a LED 60x10 display and uses this not 60x10 I use it upright as 10x60. It works properly with effects but not with text. scrolling with single letters from button to top or vice versa is not possible or I didn't find the correct setting? I hope you know what I mean (my english is not really good) is this possible and if yes how. If not are there updates planned and this is maybe included for one of the next updates? Regards Andreas

    • admin

      Hi Andreas, I already answered you via mail. You can do it with multiline-text, means you has to set the line break by yourself, for example: H\nE\nL\nP

  11. richtam

    Hi can someone tell me if i can put jinx sceens onto sd card to able to run on arduino like gladiator can please

    • admin

      You can redirect any configured and patched output protocol/device into a file. The diamex player or Sedu3 uses this with the tpm2 protocol to generate files for standalone sd card playing for example.

  12. richtam

    Thanks admin I have recorded a scene and named it myanim.dat which seams to be working on SD card shield arduino, I love you programme but one thing I would like is to be able to do designs for single runs of pixels

    • admin

      If you would design single Pixels by yourself, take the graphic software you like most to make the wanted pic which you can load into the Image Viewer inside Jinx!. You can even use animated gifs inside the Image Viewer. Editing single pixels inside a amtrix effect Software is not the primary goal.

  13. Richtam

    Can someone please tell me how to record for SD card as IV been using file recorder but it's not been displaying right :/

  14. Richtam

    Or do you know what controller can read jinx files from SD card?

    • admin

      Jinx recorded files dont have any patching inside, so there is no controller which can do something with that. The Jinx recorder itself is for recording Jinx effect combinations and play them back into a single effect generator, so that you can add even more effects on it (see manual). I know about 2 controllers that are playing with Jinx form sd card, sedu v3 and diamex. Both are using tpm2 protocol. So you have to create at tpm2 protocol inside Jinx and patch the whole thing. After that you can redirect the output into a file (inside the output configuration), this file is (if you patched correctly) playable by sedu and diamex controllers. There are howtos for diamex on their homepage, as far as I know there is howto for the sedu v3 as well anywhere on the sedu board homepage.

  15. Richtam

    Thank you admin don't suppose you have a link to any of them players please

    • admin

      Diamex: SeduV3:

  16. Richtam

    I have a diamex player running but cant get it to read the files does anyone know how to please?

  17. richtam

    i have been on the how to, on there web site but it doesnt make sence

  18. JHD

    Sirs: Jinx is a beautiful piece of software. However I need to control addressable LED strings offline from stored SD card patterns in a 5V, battery powered application. I do not want to build something out of Arduino etc., I need a pre-built controller. I can only find the T-1000S series (China), and the Synchrolite (UK), neither of which document their SD card format. Are you aware of any other choice?

    • admin

      T1000 ist not compatible to Jinx or any other software. If you need a sd card Drivern controller you can take a look at the sedu v3 ( or at the diamex controllers.

  19. Matthias

    Hi, great software!!! I am controlling my 10x18 LED matrix with it. I recently tried to use an SD card to record and play on an Arduino Uno. I was able to get it to work but the output patch is not applied to the file streaming. Whatever patch I create I always get the same output (which unfortunately does not fit my screen). When I stream directly via serial all works fine and the patch is applied. Thanks for helping here, Matthias

    • admin

      How did you generate the file for the sd card ? If you redirect your configured serial output device to a file, you record the exactly same data stream you will send via serial. The built in Jinx Recorder does not work for this, the Jinx recorder produces files to replay within an effect channel (jinx file player).

      • Matthias

        Thanks for the quick answer. I actually used the redirection in the Glediator protocol. I first tested to stream via serial and then redirected in a file. With serial everything works fine but when recording to SD card the schema is not kept. Thanks, Matthias

  20. Robert

    Im having inconsistent results with sd as well. I have tried output to file and also file recorder. The only difference in results between the two is in file output the the color does not seem to hold true and flashes GREEN, RED, BLUE alternating over and over. But on both file recorder and file output you can see the what is to be showing, but its like their is a frame tracking problem. For example i have the stock jinx scrolling test running off of sd and instead of staying true dead center and scrolling across. It steadily scrolls across while drifting up and to the left until it begins to show at the bottom of the led matrix and continues to repeat. I have tried adjusting baud rates and more and still same issue.

    • admin

      As already said, the Jinx Recorder doesnt take care of the patch and is not made for sd export. Rediricting the serial output to a file will write the exact data stream into the file, which will be sent over the serial line if you dont redirect it. So if the serial output works, you have to redirect it to a file and your controller has to handle the file data like serial data. It works for lots of people with Sedu and Diamex controllers.

  21. Propper

    Hello, I would love to use Jinx! to control an LED-Matrix. I want to do some lighting effects reacting to music that I play (it's for a small private party-room). As far as I have worked myself into the software, the effects audio-trigger is a nice feature. But what I am missing is something like a beat-triggered effect change. I would like to simply start Jinx! and active a "sound-to-light"-mode and simply concentrate on making the music (as DJ) and Jinx! automatically switches effects synchronous to the beat. So I want the effects to react to the music (which is already possible), but I also want the effects to change to the beat. Have I missed that feature or is this simply not supported? If not, is it possible to add such a feature in an upcoming version? Propper

    • admin

      Hi, it is simply not supported at the moment, but it would be a nice feature to implement into the chase engine. So you can add scenes to a chase and trigger the change by music. I will put it on my list, I like the idea. Sven

  22. atm

    HI admin, checked the Sedu and Diamex controllers but appear to have limited pixel i.e 2400. do you have an idea of any other controller that can handle greater no of pixel for perhaps a digital billboard. thanks

    • admin

      Why not using multiple Controllers ? driving to much pixel with one Controller can give you a huge latency. So you can use 2 or more Controllers with Jinx.

  23. richtam

    i have a matrix of 30 x 20! jinx will only fast patch 30 x 10 max why is this please?

    • admin

      If you have multiple Interfaces, you have to fastpatch every single Interface. If you only have one Interface, than your Interface is configured wrong and did not Report enough channels to patch everything.

  24. evan hackel

    Hello i have the Diamex Led Controller L WITH 300 LEDS 5METERS WS2812 b.... can i programming this to my own effects? you now what i mean ? please help!!!

  25. Richtam

    Does anyone know how to record jinx onto diamex SD card? Please

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