Jinx! V2.4 – A new generator and a lot of improvements

Today I am happy to release the new Jinx! Version 2.4. I did a lot of work behind the scenes and did a lot of optimizing. With the new version we get a completely new effect generator: Raindrops. It is a water ripple effect which can give you some really cool pictures. There has also been improvements to the Scrolling Text effect, so you can now use 380 chars instead of 254 and the perspective transform is now available for alle four directions. You can further use the last line of a file if you import the scrolling text in realtime as well as making cool time driven countdowns with the new $COUNT variable inside the Scrolling text Generator.

I also implemented some random color options into the falling rain and expanding shapes effect including a primary color switch. To round up the effect modifications, we also got a new release and fade time option inside the strobe effect. Just look at the new demo scenes (Cool Drops, Liquid Color Wars, Audio Color Drops, Strobe Analyzer) to see what can be done with the new features.

Some modifications has also been done to the gui skins. The skin files will now reside in the skin directory directly inside your jinx installation and we will be able to use background images inside the skins. I added some new skins, so you can take a look at this feature. Another small but usefull modification will affect the matrix regions. If any region is active, the region button will stay pressed, so you can directly see any active settings. The region preview on the matrix while adjusting is now switchable and will stay off as default setting and it will also only stop the corresponding effect generator instead of all. So you can adjust the regions while your show is running without flashing your audience on the matrix.

As always, please take a look inside the manual to get more information about how the new features work.


  • implement raindrop/water ripple effect with random colors and audio trigger
  • implement primary color option for random colors into fading pixels
  • implement random color into expanding shapes and falling rain
  • implement directions for perspective transform inside scrolling text
  • make text from file inside scrolling text switchable between first and last line in file
  • increase max chars on scrolling text from 254 to 380
  • implement countdown function $COUNT into scrolling text
  • add release/fade time to strobe effect
  • make region preview on matrix switchable with default setting: off
  • only stop corresponding generator on region setting instead of all generators
  • make region buttons switchable and make it stay pressed if the region is active
  • implement flip left/right and flip top/bottom into dvi window
  • implement instance tag into gui options to name a jinx instance in title bar
  • make color schemes to support background images
  • add additional color schemes
  • change main, scene and chaser window calculation to correctly place the controls on windows 10
  • synchronize all generators and output processing to avoid interferences for big matrices and slow computers
  • fix image viewer to take care about transparent gifs and png files with alpha channel
  • optimize audio processing
  • redesigned program Icon
  • changed codesign certificate (see special post earlier this day)

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  1. ReplyBobLynas

    Fantastic, I will be giving this a try in the next few days. Is there any plans to implement RGBW yet ? or perhaps some of the newer spec changes appearing in E1.31 for syncronising multiple universes ?

  2. ReplyDJ EMMES

    Great update! I think whats left to do is be able to choose whatever colour gradients we want in the diferent effects, and not be limited to de default plain colours or predetermined gradients. Keep up the great job!

  3. Replydjpeterlewis

    Looks great, still one of the best programs I have used. Thank you for the update.

  4. ReplyKodeKat

    Great work! Thank you for your continued support. I do have one problem which comes up quite often on one of my larger matrix (16 x 70.) If I let it run over night, I have about a 20-30 second delay of whats onscreen to whats output on the matrix. It is especially prevalent on live music and UV meter. Hardware: ws2812b running on raspi3 but also shows up on win10 computer. Any suggestions? I have tried changing the baud to make up for signal timing but to no avail. Thank you!

    • Replyadmin

      This normally means, that the controller isnt able to process all data in time and the data will stuck in the buffers. Jinx produces 25fps and the hardware has to be able to process it in realtime (16 x 70 x 25fps x rgb = 84000 bytes/s).

  5. ReplySONYJON

    Hello. It first: Jinx! is great! But I have a problem that I can't get to work. Short: I'm trying to receive the data send by jinx! over the tpm2.net protocol (local host ip: with a small c# program. using System; using System.Net; using System.Net.Sockets; using System.Text; public class UdpSrvrSample {    public static void Main()    {        //Creates a UdpClient for reading incoming data.        UdpClient receivingUdpClient = new UdpClient(65442);        //Creates an IPEndPoint to record the IP Address and port number of the sender.         // The IPEndPoint will allow you to read datagrams sent from any source.        IPEndPoint RemoteIpEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 65506);        Console.WriteLine("Reading");        try        {            // Blocks until a message returns on this socket from a remote host.            Byte[] receiveBytes = receivingUdpClient.Receive(ref RemoteIpEndPoint);            string returnData = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(receiveBytes);            Console.WriteLine("This is the message you received " +                                        returnData.ToString());            Console.WriteLine("This message was sent from " +                                        RemoteIpEndPoint.Address.ToString() +                                        " on their port number " +                                        RemoteIpEndPoint.Port.ToString());        }        catch (Exception e)        {            Console.WriteLine(e.ToString());        }    } } With an other program that sends UDP packets I can receive the data... However with Jinx! it does'nt seem to work. Can anyone help mee with this?

  6. Replysnap2

    Hi there, I have an RPi3 with an Adafruit Matrix HAT driving a set of 32x64 matrices. I am trying to determine how I can run Jinx on my PC and through to my Pi? Do I require ArtNet? I'm new at all this and was happy running the matrices directly from the Pi, but since finding Jinx, I HAVE to use it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    • Replyadmin

      Your "Controller", means your RPi, should be able to receive any know protocol Jinx is supporting (Artnet, sACN, ...).

  7. ReplyChester

    Hi, first of all, great job. I tracked down a problem with the remote control feature over artnet of Jinx! running in Windows 10. I succesfully can control the master level for a few times. And after that the level jumps quickly between the actual and two or three previous values. After restarting Jinx! the problem is gone for another few value changes. The Artnet packets are looking fine - no duplicated incoming packets (Wirshark) The described problem is gone with Jinx! running on Windows XP. Would be nice, if you have some hints for me, thanks, C.

    • Replyadmin

      Didnt had any problems with that, I had to try it it once again. But there should be no difference between WinXP and Win10 at this point. I had to check that.

  8. ReplyRaiden

    Great work!! I'm a new user and I really love this app! I wish we could have a higher FPS, as I have a small setup (around 300 pixels), so I am pretty sure I could handle this and have a smoother display. Also I often slow down the animation at a maximum, so would be nice if it would be smoother. My display are vertical (6 px wide by 50px high). I wish I could use the text animation however when I put top to bottom, it does not rotate the text. Would it be possible to put an option (checkbox) to rotate the text 90 degrees CW or CCW? Again thanks so much for the app, it's awesome, works very well and is reliable! S.

    • Replyadmin

      It wont be smoother with a higher framerate, it would be simply faster. The Rendering is done pixel based, one pixel change per Frame. So with a higher framerate you wold get the opposite from that what you want.

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